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Area Convention

Please Click here for the State Degree Check Dates and Information. This should clarify and answer your questions today over Application deadlines.

2023 Official Delegate Count is posted below.

Area Convention Info letter will be posted below.

Please see "Area Awards" in top menu for Area Convention Results for 2022.

New Degree Check materials can be found at this link 


Paid Training Plan Gary Rosenbusch 12/15/2015 39 KB
Unpaid Training Plan Gary Rosenbusch 12/15/2015 33 KB
Area Speaking Order Gary Rosenbusch 3/31/2022 43 KB
Online submission instructions Gary Rosenbusch 4/21/2022 585 KB
Uploading your applications on AET Gary Rosenbusch 4/21/2022 286 KB
2023 Official Delegate Count Gary Rosenbusch 3/28/2023 13 KB
Area Convention Info Letter 23 Gary Rosenbusch 3/30/2023 52 KB
Area/State Officer Selection Schedule Gary Rosenbusch 4/17/2023 19 KB
Area Convention Committee Assignments Gary Rosenbusch 4/24/2023 28 KB
2023 Area Convention Program Gary Rosenbusch 5/1/2023 43 KB
MCC Map Gary Rosenbusch 5/4/2023 1380 KB
2023 Speaking order Gary Rosenbusch 5/10/2023 295 KB



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