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Area Convention
New Degree Check materials can be found at this link 

Entries for Area Non Qualifying, Speaking, Officers, and Talent need to be entered on judgingcard and will be billed to your account.

Please see "Area Awards" in top menu for Area Convention Results after 2012.


New Texas Award Signature Page Gary Rosenbusch 5/4/2015 63 KB
Paid Training Plan Gary Rosenbusch 12/15/2015 39 KB
Unpaid Training Plan Gary Rosenbusch 12/15/2015 33 KB
Scholarship App. Tip Sheet Gary Rosenbusch 4/29/2016 13 KB
Area Speaking Order Gary Rosenbusch 3/17/2017 37 KB
2017 Area Convention Information Gary Rosenbusch 3/17/2017 32 KB
Membership and Delegate Count 2016-17 Gary Rosenbusch 3/27/2017 19 KB
2017 Area Convention Program Gary Rosenbusch 5/9/2017 26 KB
New Degree Check Reminders Gary Rosenbusch 5/9/2017 375 KB



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