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Area LDE judges are posted below and on the Events page.


 This is the link for completing the google doc for our Directory. Remember everyone must complete this form to receive any information from me or the State Office. Also remember to put dashes when you enter your phone number.





Gary Rosenbusch
Area VIII FFA Coordinator
P.O. Box 844  Glen Rose, TX 76043 


Scholarship App. Tip Sheet Gary Rosenbusch 4/29/2016 13 KB
Bosque River District Constitution Gary Rosenbusch 6/5/2018 109 KB
Blackland District Proposed Constitution Gary Rosenbusch 11/1/2017 389 KB
Sandyland District Constitution Gary Rosenbusch 6/5/2018 18 KB
W9 Gary Rosenbusch 10/29/2018 1975 KB
Chisholm Trail District Constitution revisions Gary Rosenbusch 10/8/2019 26 KB
Revised Area Officer Selection Process Gary Rosenbusch 4/4/2022 41 KB
2022 Official Delegate Count Gary Rosenbusch 4/6/2022 13 KB
Area Officer Selection Process Schedule Gary Rosenbusch 4/21/2022 20 KB
Area Convention Info Letter 22 Gary Rosenbusch 11/17/2022 31 KB
2022 Area LDE Judges revised Gary Rosenbusch 11/18/2022 42 KB



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